What do a X-factor finalist, a world renowned poet, a NAACP Image Award Nominee, and a Janet Jackson dancer all have in common?


They have all graced the stage at a DAM event.


Now in its tenth year, the event is a major draw for inspiring creators and performers who are deeply committed to giving raw, untapped talent a place to grow.  


Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for artists to participate in a DAM Event?

For physical shows, there is a $50 entrance fee/deposit for all DAM Event participants (unless otherwise negotiated). This fee can be paid through Paypal or Venmo up to one month prior to the show date. For virtual shows, there is no fee to participate as an Artist.

What does a DAM artist get in return for their participation?

In exchange for the fee, you will be provided with :
- High quality event photos
- High quality video footage (for performers)
- Up to a 4 min performance slot (for performers)
- Promo on the website & social media
- Performer Gift
- Performers – up to 10 supporting artist cast members allowed
- Vendors – up to 2 supporting staff allowed (table is an additional $15 rental)
- Access into the DAM network If any part of your fee is waived, you are not guaranteed all of the above items.

As an artist, what are the perks of being a part of the DAM network?

By joining DAM, you are taking the first step towards having a professional portfolio (ie, the application process + media post-event) or broadening your already established fan/ supporter base. Equally as important, you are connecting with other like-minded artists who are ready to collaborate and grow. The DAM network receives inquiries often about unique opportunities - the more you stand out at DAM (this includes being professional before, during, and after the show), the more chance you have of getting booked/ referred out for work.

Please Note: DAM Events is all about building habits and positive rapport, which then opens the doors to getting hired for work and connecting with like-minded artists throughout the Bay. Bring your most positive & professional foot forward - make sure to talk to people at and before the event to get the most out of your time/investment in the DAM network. 

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