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Please Note: DAM Events is all about building habits and positive rapport, which then opens the doors to getting hired for work and connecting with like-minded artists throughout the Bay. Bring your most positive + professional foot forward, and make sure to talk to people at and before the event to get the most out of your time + investment in the DAM network. 

  • Is there a fee for Artists to participate in a DAM Event?
    Yes, for in person events. There is a sliding scale entry fee for all DAM Event participants (we NEVER want finances to be the reason someone doesn't participate in a DAM event). We use these fees to cover costs of Production Staff + Venue Expenses. This fee can be paid via Paypal ( or Venmo (DAM_events) . A portion of income from events is distributed to participating artists after all expenses are paid.
  • What does a DAM Artist get in return for their participation in a DAM Event?
    Foundational Providings: - High quality event photos - High quality video footage (for performers) - Performance slot at event (for performers) - Vending area at event (for vendors) - Promo on the website & social media For an Additional Fee: - Swag Bag - DAM Apparel - Equipment rentals
  • As an Artist, what are the perks of being a part of the DAM network?"
    By joining DAM, you are taking the first step towards having a professional portfolio (ie, the application process + media post-event) or broadening your already established fan/ supporter base. Equally as important, you are connecting with other like-minded artists who are ready to collaborate and grow. The DAM network receives inquiries often about unique opportunities - the more you stand out at DAM (this includes being professional before, during, and after the show), the more chance you have of getting booked/ referred out for work. Keep an eye on our Instagram for opportunities, as well as our DAM Resources Page (coming soon).
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