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Next up : DAMSF 

thursday february 27th

all ages | 9pm

To sign up for X MARKS THE SPOT:

You must purchase a General Admission DAMsf ticket + pay the Battle Registration fee. 

Limited slots will be available for sign up on the day OF the event.

Preliminaries begin at 9:30pm sharp.

The battle will take place off and on throughout the event (estimated end time of battle at 12am). 

Tickets available via dnalounge.com

the DAMsf10ya artists:

incognito Mode(@incognitomode_dance)
Incognito Mode is a feature in Google Chrome that allows you to browse the web privately… It is also a stealthy hip-hop and urban dance group at Google San Francisco. The team debuted and took 2nd place at Silicon Valley’s Best Dance Crew 2019. Starting out as colleagues, this group has grown to a close-knit community over weekly lunches and dance practice. The group consists of dancers from France to Korea, with a shared passion for urban dance.
The ColorFresh(@thecolorfresh.brand)
High End Streetwear | Art Decor Brand
Brittany Delany (@BrittanyDelany)
Brittany Delany is a creative professional based in Los Angeles. She loves to research and perform in a variety of movement techniques & traditions, including Contact Improvisation, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Postmodern and Site-Specific dance. She earned her B.A. in Dance: Choreography & Performance from Wesleyan University, and has performed with de la femme sf, Mary Sano Duncan Dancers, Pedro Alejandro Dance & Dancers, Tribe the Dance Company, and Unyted Stylz Crew.
No Prints (@noprintsiii)
We are two self taught artists sharing our love of creating.
META Clothing Co (@metaclothingco)
Mind - Elevating - Thoughtful - Apparel.
"It's a lifestyle brand."
WDA (@worldwidedanceassociation)
World Wide Dance Association was Founded in 2015 by Scorpion The Dance Emcee, World Wide Dance Association is a Dance Platform that unifies dancers from around the world. The End goal for the platform is to build a big enough base were dancers can compete on the highest level just like any other art form.
Hell on Heels (@hellonheels_dance)
Lace , leather and hair whips Hell On Heels is a spunky heels class and performance group in SF! The class has a series of 6-weeks each building up towards a performance opportunity at the end. In the 6-weeks the dancers work on a choreographed routine, formations and performance quality. Hell on Heels is based out of San Fransisco’s ConfiDance Fitness and is held Thursday Nights at 9:15pm.
Rising Rhythm (@risingrhythmsf)
EST. 2014 in SF, Bay Area California Rising Rhythm is a creative Dance Familia and professional dance company that incorporates movement, music and Fashion as a tool to express their creative interest and strengths and empower our black and brown communities. We have recently launch our new 2019 merchandise collection, Equipoise ( ek-weh-poize). This collection counter balances negativity and hesitation with steadiness and perseverance to encourage you to wholeheartedly make your next move.
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